What is electronics?

 Have you ever asked this question? Well here I will try to explain in very simple terms what is meant by this word "electronics". Electronics, is in almost all aspects of our life. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed again. An electronic clock wakes us up and the last thing we see is the TV , which also is electronic or the electronic clock. All matter is made up of atoms and atoms make up all molecules of all matter on this planet. But we are interested here only in one part of the atom and, that is the electron. The electron orbits the nucleus which is made up of some protons,  neutrons and some other subatomic parts.

Since the electron orbits the nucleus, it is easier to knock it out of the atom and put it to work for use. This is done by applying a force. This force is called voltage, this voltage can be induced by a chemical reaction like in a battery or by the magnetic force of a generator. And also by static voltage.  This produces current which is called an ampere. The measure of an ampere is the number of electrons that pass a given point.

This electrical current is used in electrical motors. And also in different circuits, be analog ,digital, or a combination of both.

So what is electronic ? It is the usage of the electron that orbits the nucleus  of the atom. Very different from the usage of the nucleus or nuclear power and which is much more powerful.